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Your chic sailing trip with the new Scarlet Lady

There’s a new travel trend waiting to be discovered in a very near future. It’s the kind of trend that will change the way of the water travel and the concept of how we go on a cruise trip. And those, who discover this new trend, will have the name “Scarlet Lady” in mind a lot. They’ll need to think of their dream destination and pair it with a chic and elegant wardrobe, to go perfectly with the new luxury that “Scarlet Lady” will embody. So, what is this exciting travel mystery all about?



An epic sea change by Virgin Voyages


Once again Richard Branson and the world famous brand Virgin is about to shake a particular industry of travel. This time it’s not the first space travel airplane, but the next level luxury ship by Virgin Voyages called Scarlet Lady. With the launch of their first ship on 2020 Virgin aims to epicly change the sea travel. They want to put their own fresh take on “cruising”.


As Richard Branson has said, they want to have a blank sheet of paper and create the kind of voyage company, that people would always like to go to. And that’s what they’re doing. People who go on these ships will not be called passengers or cruisers, they will be voyagers and sailors.


Even though the full concept has not been revealed yet, there are some juicy details already known about the new ship. For example, all single-use plastic will be eliminated on the deck of Scarlet Lady and the rest of the Virgin Voyages fleet. It will mean a ban on plastic straws, water bottles, food packaging, shopping bags as well as the takeaway cups. Only recyclable and reusable materials will be allowed on board.


All the passengers on this adult-only ship will always have a chance to get complimentary still and sparkling water at all bars and restaurants. The ship will feature an outdoor training zone with a boxing ring, strength and gym equipment. That’s expected to be similar to New York sports clubs of the 1920s. There will be gaming facilities for outdoor adult play, cabanas for relaxation, and a sports bar.


The voyagers will be able to explore an underwater cave on Scarlet Lady. It will be a cave inspired

'mermaid and merman' hideaway with hydrotherapy pool, mud room, salt room, cold plunge pools, quartz beds and rejuvenating treatments. And these are only a few but very exciting details revealed about this super ship. But what we know for sure is the fact, that the atmosphere will be chic and the crowd will be beautiful.



Chic and powerful choice - BohoWrapsody


You might be wondering, what kind of outfits to bring to this kind of luxury sailing vacation. After all, it’s the new era of water voyages and people will want to look stunning for that. There’s quite a simple answer to this complex question - and it’s BohoWrapsody. But why exactly this brand?


BohoWrapsody is a brand offering versatile wraps and ponchos for chic and style-loving women. They offer great alternatives to wrapping skirt, the too much folding of complex sarongs, or too much to carry with cumbersome pants and tops. The elements that describe their products the best are “beautifully easy”, “elegantly simple” and “perfectly you”. All important aspects of a beautiful wardrobe. Get the best deals on BohoWrapsody Summer 2018 Collection here.


The reason why the feminine and beautiful BohoWrapsody fits perfectly with the Scarlet Lady is in the fact, that both of these brands were created to change the existing ways and make things better. Scarlet Lady will change the cruising, while BohoWrapsody was created to change the way how women used to wear traditional shapeless ponchos in the past, to pieces that twirl nicer and look more elegant and stylish. Discover your favorite designs, by using these BohoWrapsody Coupons to get the best sale deals.


Another reason why so many women love BohoWrapsody is for the breathing, flowy, wrinkle-free fabric they use on all the products. It doesn't get much better than having a beautiful piece of outfit that’s easy to care for. Also, all the designs are limited - once they are sold out, they will never be re-made. Make sure to visit BohoWrapsody online store by using these BohoWrapsody Coupon Codes and find your one of a kind designs for the lowest prices.

  • July 21, 2018