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Devil Halloween Costumes

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Devil Halloween Costumes

Devils are kind of a staple for Halloween—the pointy tail, the pointy horns, the red skin, and they’re always wearing a devilish grin. That, of course, is all depictions in pop culture. Devils as depicted in the old world were scary! We try to keep Halloween scary, but fun, too. It’s hard to believe the holiday has been around as long as it has! Did you know that Halloween actually began in the British Isles with the Celts? They believed the barrier between the land of the living and dead became thin and spirits could slip through. On the day the barrier was thinnest, us living folk ran around wearing scary costumes to keep the ghosts from thinking that the grass was greener on the other side. Scare them back to where they came from, if you will! Maybe that’s where the tradition of devil costumes comes from, and here we are keeping that tradition going to this day. You probably had no idea that history is one of the very good reasons we still love to wear devil Halloween costumes even now. We’re not sure we believe in the whole spirit barrier thing, but just in case, we’ll continue to wear a devil costume just so the wandering spirits don’t get any ideas on their earthly reunion tour. If you’re looking to join us, just check out our tips and tricks below on how to make the most of your dazzling devil digs!

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