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Short Description:
Every child waits for a season like rain to come so they can go out and experience mother nature. It gives any occasion the best touch but mostly little ones are excited about it. In order to experience without getting all dirty and sticky, always wear precise gear to protect the body from getting exposed to the outside particles. To make the experience safer, pay a visit to Oaki store that is providing tough, waterproof, and quality gear for all kinds of seasonal occasion.

The brand was launched by a Mom who wanted to make sure every child remains safe from outdoor harmful elements. The mission is now successful because parents can find their little ones the protection they need without getting sick or dirty.

Now, it has become a brand for children’s outdoor apparel. Started by three people only is currently visible to the world because of their affordable quality gear and keep adding more. The vision is to create unforgettable memories during the season like fishing, hunting, snow and rain. Having great outdoor gear can be really relaxing.

Expanding Collection:
The company deals with wide range of children gears suitable to any intense climate. Its main focus areas are in U.S. and Canada that are open to drastic climate changes. Since the inception, Oaki is continuing to attract customers with quality kid’s gear that includes Rainwear, Footwear, Pants, Headwear, Gloves, Summer wear, Rain boots, Hiking Apparels, Fishing Gears and more.

Oaki Niche:
According to SEM, the organic overview of the website is 4.0 K with the organic traffic of 3.3K. A daily page view is 612 with 176 unique visitors.

Oaki Promo Codes:
The affordable shopping can be expensive sometimes. To meet the budget, we are offering free Oaki Coupon Codes to enjoy massive online saving on all products. We strive to update this page with new offers every day. Just subscribe to receive alerts and more cool offers.

Be a part of Oaki family by following the social channel where millions of people are already having a great time. The platform is very vast that keeps going up and there won’t be any fun without you.

Latest Oakiwear Coupons & Coupon Codes

Oakiwear Coupons and Oakiwear Promo Codes


About Oaki:

The human body is very fragile for outdoor elements. Especially, kids are recommended to protect their body best way possible. It is extremely unpleasant to go out without wearing protective gears so to make sure your child is safe, Oakiwear is offering the best range of kids gear for extra protection.

Oaki was founded in 2006 as a first mover company which as captured the whole market by selling affordable children’s gear. The brand was launched by Mom ten years ago who was looking for outdoor gear for her kids. She could not find the right quality so she decided to establish Oakiwear. As of now, the store has the largest variety of gears that greatly reduces a chance of getting wet or dirty while outdoors. Instead of risking your kids going outdoor in intense weather, check out Oaki’s top collection for…


Rainy weather can be fun but harmful at the same time. Kids may love to jump on muddy puddles but the risk behind is very intense. It can cause sickness and even alarming situation but the fact is, no mom would let their child play outdoor in an open situation. Let Oakiwear be an example for you because the store has good quality Rainwear to keep the little ones protected while enjoying. Their collection includes Jackets, Pants, headwear, and boots for both boys and girls.

Hunting and Hiking:

Just like adults, kids are also into hunting hobbies. Every parent should teach their kids the basic of doing hunting or hiking outdoor but during such moment, there should be some safety. In order to bear the body while exploring, Oaki store is offering hiking and hunting gears made from heavy materials that protects from dirt and other harmful particles. 


Good old fashion Fishing provides a very peaceful experience where usually Father and kids spend time together catching some fishes. Proper gear is necessary during the season and one could get precise best ones from Oaki. Just like for hunting and hiking, you can buy gear for fishing as well such as Jackets, Boots, Pants and more. 

Customer Service:

You’re not just getting good quality products, the service is also very much satisfying. The corporate always welcomes customer and strive to offer good shopping experience no matter what you’re searching for. The mission is to make sure, you’re getting the best in your budget. No matter what query you have, the dedicated staff is available 24 hours to deal with uncertain issues. 


It is good to learn and gain knowledge. Oaki has launched their own blog page where there is a new post everyday. You’ll learn the pros and cons of choosing quality gear and how to make the outdoor experience more fun. 

Oaki Coupon Code:

Shopping can be expensive when you choose a brand like Oaki but no need to worry as we are giving you best option to make things affordable. We have updated our website with tons of sizzling Oaki Coupons to reduce the shopping hassles. Furthermore, we’ll keep you updated with new offers and seasonal deals to make sure you save enough for your next trip.

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